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Common fundable categories under “General Application”
Enhancing manufacturing technologies, developing new products, upgrading service/team, promoting brand/product/service, etc. + Opening up new market(s) abroad
The selected category(ies) must help the enterprise achieve at least one of the following objectives: branding, upgrading and restructuring, or promoting sales.

Applicant needs to elaborate the relationship between the new product/service and their current business, and how it can be upgraded by the actual measures.
Upgrading or Developing Products
Procure/lease additional machinery/equipment/molds
Produce/procure product samples/prototypes
The procured machinery/equipment must be directly related to the upgrading, and not basic facilities. Also, applicant must have a business entity recognised by the BUD Fund (including newly set up business entity) to house the machinery/equipment.
Additional Business Entity and Manpower
Set up new business entity
Recruit additional manpower
The additional manpower must be directly related to and utilised solely in the project.
Design/establish online sales platform
Design/establish online sales platform
Project Audit
Hire external auditor for project accounts
Other fundable categories
Advertising and Promotion
Mobile application for promotional purpose
Establish/enhance company website
Design and production of promotional materials
Testing and Intellectual Property Rights
Testing/certification registration
Patent/trademark registration/copyright protection application
If the project involves establishment/promotion/development of brands, applicant enterprise must provide relevant documents to prove that the trademark can be registered (such as trademark search results).

Testing/certification registration is only applicable to upgrading/producing new products. The certifications/statutory permits necessary for existing products/services to enter the target market cannot be funded. To ensure that the business can be operated in the target market legally, the applicant must obtain relevant certification before applying.
Other measures related to branding, upgrading and restructuring, or promoting sales
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