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Advertising Company Further Expands Business in Macau
The media and advertising company provides online and offline promotion services for customers, and the team in Hong Kong handles clients in Macau. In the project, they plan to set up an office in Macau and place advertisements there, in order to further expand the business in the Macau market.
Target Market
Media and Advertising
Total Budget
Project Content
Application Project
Further Business Expansion (2020)
Project Duration
12 months
Project Budget
Promoting Sales
Budget (HKD)
Additional Business Entity and Manpower
Setting up a New Business Entity
Set up an office in Macau and complete business registration
Budget (HKD)$80,600
Recruit Additional Manpower
Hire 1 Project Manager in Hong Kong to promote sales and communicate with clients in Macau market
Budget (HKD)$315,000
Advertising and Promotion
Place Project Related Advertisement
Place Facebook and Instagram advertisements in Macau for 12 months
Budget (HKD)$44,400
Place advertisements on bus and taxi bodies in Macau
Budget (HKD)$93,000
Video Production
Produce 1 short animation video to introduce the business and services
Budget (HKD)$98,000
Project Audit
Audit Fee
External audit fee for the approved project
Budget (HKD)$10,000
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