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Textile Manufacturer Transfers Product Lines to Vietnam
The company is an OEM textile manufacturer and retailer, with factories in the Mainland. Since there are growing demands and opportunities in Southeast Asia, they plan to open up Southeast Asia markets by transferring product lines to Vietnam from the Mainland, as well as promoting their products.
Target Market
Textile Manufacture
Total Budget
Project Content
Application Project
First Step in Vietnam Market (2020)
Project Duration
13 months
Project Budget
Upgrading and Restructuring
Promoting Sales
Budget (HKD)
Additional Business Entity and Manpower
Setting up a New Business Entity
Set up a factory in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Budget (HKD)$343,200
Recruit Additional Manpower
Hire 1 Business Development Manager in Hong Kong to develop and implement business strategies and plans
Budget (HKD)$396,000
Hire 2 Business Development Assistants in Vietnam to coordinate in factory management and business expansion
Budget (HKD)$149,376
Upgrading or Developing Products
Machinery / Equipment
Procure automatic machinery/facilities (altogether 6 in 5 types) to improve productivity in clothing line
Budget (HKD)$617,660
Procure 3D product design software to optimise design process
Budget (HKD)$93,400
Produce Product Samples / Prototypes
Produce samples of menswear and womenswear catering to Southeast Asian market
Budget (HKD)$93,500
Advertising and Promotion
Participate in Exhibition / Roadshow
Participate in Vietnam Int'l Textile & Garment Industry Exhibition
Budget (HKD)$60,000
Place Project Related Advertisement
Place advertisements on vietnamnews.vn and ecommerce platform BaLoTrade
Budget (HKD)$21,000
Project Audit
Audit Fee
External audit fee for the approved project
Budget (HKD)$10,000
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