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Accessories Company Expands Sales Network in the Mainland
The company designs and sells ladies fashion accessories. They've opened up some retail stores in Guangdong area. They plan to expand sales network in Eastern and Southern China, and promote sales online.
Target Market
Mainland China
Accessories Retail
Total Budget
Project Content
Application Project
Promoting Sales Online and Offline (2020)
Project Duration
15 months
Project Budget
Promoting Sales
Budget (HKD)
Additional Business Entity and Manpower
Setting up a New Business Entity
Set up a new retail store in Shenzhen
Budget (HKD)$150,000
Recruit Additional Manpower
Hire 1 Online Store Manager and 2 Marketing Associates in the Mainland
Budget (HKD)$525,000
Advertising and Promotion
Design and Establish Online Sales Platform
Set up and design Taobao and WeChat online stores
Budget (HKD)$60,000
Establish / Enhance Company Website
Design and establish a brand website
Budget (HKD)$40,000
Design and Produce Marketing Materials
Design and print product publicity brochures
Budget (HKD)$20,000
Place Project Related Advertisement
Place Taobao Zhitongche advertisements
Budget (HKD)$120,000
Engage KOL(s) to publish soft sell articles on Weibo and WeChat
Budget (HKD)$70,000
Participate in Exhibition / Roadshow
Participate in China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Fair
Budget (HKD)$130,000
Product and Packaging Design
Produce multiple styles of product and packaging design
Budget (HKD)$30,000
Promotion Video Production
Produce a short promotion video featuring brand and product highlights
Budget (HKD)$160,000
Product Photography
Produce product and model stills
Budget (HKD)$80,000
Project Audit
Audit Fee
External audit fee for the approved project
Budget (HKD)$10,000
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