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Leather Manufacturer Shifts Focus from Export to Domestic Sales, and Upgrading Product Lines Significantly
The company is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for leather products with factories in the Mainland. Due to the China-US trade conflict recently, they're transforming their business from export trade to domestic sales. They focus on upgrading manufacturing technology and promotions for opening up the Mainland market.
Target Market
Mainland China
Leather Goods Manufacture
Total Budget
Project Content
Application Project
Upgrading Manufacturing Technology Comprehensively (2020)
Project Duration
24 months
Project Budget
Upgrading and Restructuring
Promoting Sales
Budget (HKD)
Additional Business Entity and Manpower
Recruit Additional Manpower
Hire 1 Sales Director in Hong Kong to coordinate sales and marketing in the Mainland
Budget (HKD)$634,000
Upgrading or Developing Products
Machinery / Equipment
Procure advanced machinery/facilities (altogether 66 in 17 types) for belt and handbag product lines, which improves productivity and stability substantially
Budget (HKD)$958,346
Procure ERP management software to facilitate business resources and orders tracking systematically
Budget (HKD)$71,733
Produce Product Samples / Prototypes
Produce samples of belt, handbag and wallet for presentation and promotional purposes
Budget (HKD)$150,000
Advertising and Promotion
Establish / Enhance Company Website
Company website building and 2 years hosting
Budget (HKD)$49,600
Participate in Exhibition / Roadshow
Participate in All China Leather Exhibition in 2020 and 2021
Budget (HKD)$148,000
Short Video Production
Produce a short promotion video featuring company, factory and products
Budget (HKD)$40,000
Project Audit
Audit Fee
External audit fee for the approved project
Budget (HKD)$10,000
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