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Luggage Accessories Company Promotes Online Sales Remotely
The company has been developing the Southeast Asian and Australian markets over the past years, and has an online shop. They planned to register trademarks in multiple countries, and to invest heavily in online advertisements to promote sales.
Target Market
Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia
Luggage Accessories Retail
Total Budget
Project Content
Application Project
Promoting online sales remotely
Project Duration
12 months
Project Budget
Promoting Sales
Budget (HKD)
Additional Business Entity and Manpower
Recruit Additional Manpower
Hire 2 Digital Marketing Associates, 1 Customer Relationship Officer and 1 Multimedia Designer in Hong Kong
Budget (HKD)$1,058,400
Testing and Intellectual Property Rights
Trademark Registration
Register current trademark in Singapore
Budget (HKD)$13,000
Register current trademark in Australia
Budget (HKD)$12,000
Register current trademark in Malaysia
Budget (HKD)$13,000
Register current trademark in Thailand
Budget (HKD)$19,500
Advertising and Promotion
Place Project Related Advertisement
Place product advertisements on Facebook in Singapore, Malaysian, Thailand and Australian markets for 12 months
Budget (HKD)$1,086,000
Project Audit
Audit Fee
External audit fee for the approved project
Budget (HKD)$10,000
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