Application Process


Important notes to applicants

  • The Programme Secretariat of the BUD Fund has not appointed or designated any consultancy companies or organizations to provide any fee charging services in relation to the BUD fund (including but not limited to assisting the enterprises to submit applications, formulation of the Holistic Business Plans and implementation of approved projects).
  • The Programme Secretariat has not recognized or endorsed the service quality and capability of any consultant/ company which had assisted the funded enterprises to formulate the business plan / implement the funded projects.  Any consultancy companies or organizations claiming to be approved or designated by the Programme Secretariat for promoting or soliciting business are misleading and making misrepresentation, the applicants should report the cases to the Programme Secretariat for following up and taking appropriate actions.
  • It is the responsibility of an applicant enterprise to complete an application form timely and truthfully and to provide all supporting documents.  Inaccurate and incomplete information may affect the processing of the application.  Any misrepresentation or omission of information may lead to rejection of the application and/or full recovery by The Secretariat of any grant which has been awarded.  It is an offence in law to obtain property/pecuniary advantage by deception or assisting persons to obtain property/pecuniary advantage.  Any person who does so may be liable to legal proceedings.


Enhanced Mainland Programme & ASEAN Programme

From 1 Aug 2018, BUD Fund launched the Enhanced Mainland Programme and ASEAN Programme to enhance Hong Kong enterprises' competitiveness and facilitate their business development in the ASEAN and Mainland China markets.

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Project Agreement and Accounts

In respect of each approved project, the funded enterprise has to:

  • sign a funding agreement with the Programme Secretariat;
  • open a separate bank account for processing all receipts and payments of the project (only applicable to enterprises opting for initial payment);
  •  keep separate and clear accounting records for the project;
  • submit annual progress report and annual audited accounts (only applicable to projects with duration over 18 months);
  • Submit final report and final audited accounts upon project completion.


Service Provider (Applicable to "Type (i) Project Application")

The Applicant may employ a Service Provider for preparing the holistic business plan for the application. In order to safeguard the quality of the consulting services provided to the Applicant and the effective use of the Government funding, criteria of the Service Provider employed are set out as follows:

a) having registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance (Chapter 310), or being a statutory organisation in Hong Kong, or being a company with valid business license in the ASEAN (applicable to ASEAN Programme);

b) having established for at least one year, and

c) having at least one principal possessing five years or more practical experience of providing consultancy services related to branding, upgrading and restructuring and/ or domestic sales for enterprises in Hong Kong or the Mainland. The principal must be actively engaged in the consultancy study throughout the whole study period, and

d) having completed at least five projects in branding, upgrading and restructuring and/or domestic sales at the time of application

The Service Provider must provide proofing evidences including the enterprise background, working experience of their staff and the reference projects record to Programme Secretariat.

The Programme Secretariat of the BUD Fund has not appointed any companies or organizations to provide any fee charging services in relation to the dedicated fund (including assisting the enterprises to submit the applications, formulation of the Holistic Business Plans and implementing the approved projects.